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EIS Change: Completion Notice

As follow-up to the EIS Change Notice posted on Interact on September 25, 2018 about EIS Program impacts from CenturyLink’s acquisition of Level 3, GSA has completed its actions related to this change.

Action areas included:  GSA Contracts, EIS PMO, GSA Solutions Development, the Network Hosting Center and Pricer, TCC Inventory/Reporting/Training/Help Desk.

For all the above areas:

1.    Level 3 is no longer listed as an EIS Contractor.

2.    The Level 3 EIS contract has been renamed as CenturyLink.

Examples of changes that have been implemented:

EIS Pricer:

Only one CenturyLink contract with prices is available in the EIS Pricers.

Transition Inventory:

All Agency Inventory (AAI): The current contract data did not change. The mapping of inventory data to EIS services (both primary and secondary), CLINs, Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs), and other contract components has been changed.

For additional information, please contact the TCC Help Desk at EISTCC.support@gsa.gov or your Telecommunications Agency Manager.


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The Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract will be the main component of the future telecommunications portfolio that GSA is defining... More

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