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Dynamic Steps to Performance Based Acquisition Application Now Online

The governmentwide Professional Services category has officially launched a beta version of Steps to Performance-Based Acquisition (SPBA), a new digital application that presents the performance-based acquisition process in easy steps, complete with samples and examples, templates and other resources to make PBA more collaborative, performance-oriented, and team-focused.  


The SPBA application, geared to the greater acquisition community (including program offices), breaks down performance - based service acquisition into eight steps: the first seven spanning from acquisition planning through performance management and a new eighth step for contract closeout. It is intended to make the subject of PBA accessible for all and shift the paradigm to collaborative performance-oriented teamwork with a focus on program performance and improvement.


The beta version of the digital application builds on the original content of the Steps to Performance Based Acquisition developed in 2001 and last updated in 2009. The original was as a web-enabled guide that would deliver information in layers, so that users could "drill down" to the required level of detail.


The enhanced beta SPBA application allows users to easily navigate through, search and interact with content. This dynamic application provides a modern design and easy to use interface with smooth, effortless navigation capabilities and expanded search options for government acquisition professionals who are seeking guidance, resources and tools to support their work.


The application also provides a foundation for several potential spin-off tools in the future such as a work statement builder, technical evaluation tool, and guides/references, while also moving toward integration with existing Acquisition Gateway tools such as the Project Center, Solutions Finder, Document Library, and Contract Awarded Labor Categories (CALC) Tool.


The SPBA application was redesigned from the ground up, drawing input from user tests of both the original site and prototypes of the new application interface throughout the development process. More than 35 individuals from 25 agencies participated in our initials rounds of user testing helping to define development requirements and priorities. The project team is continuing to work on updating and enhancing the content and application design and functionality to best meet the needs of users. We welcome your participation is this process by sending your comments and feedback; sharing samples, examples and templates; or by volunteering to participate in usability testing sessions that will shape the design and functionality of this great tool. Contact spba-administrator@gsa.gov to get involved.


The Professional Services Category will host a webinar featuring a demonstration of the SPBA on November 30. The SPBA application is part of an ongoing effort to support the principles of category management and help the federal acquisition community buy smarter and more efficiently.


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