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Discussion | Sustainability Guidelines for Ordering Guide

A cross-agency Furniture Commodity Team is developing an Office Furniture Ordering Guide.  We are developing sustainability requirements to include in the guide and want to solicit Industry feedback regarding the appropriate level of recycled content for furniture products. Please review the following requirement:


  • The product incorporates a minimum of 30% recovered materials, ​measured by total weight of the product, and calculated as the sum of post-consumer recycled content plus one-half of the post-industrial content.


The requirement was written to align with the basic recycled content criteria included in the ANSI/BIFMA e3 standard (Section 5.7.1). Please provide any feedback or concerns you have with this requirement. GSA is specifically interested in receiving the following feedback:


  • Is the recycled content requirement feasible for the furniture industry in general?

  • Is the recycled content requirement NOT achievable for certain furniture categories?

    • If so, what furniture categories?   

    • What is an achievable recycled content threshold for those categories?

  • Would it be preferable to establish specific recycled content requirement for various types of materials commonly included in furniture (wood, steel, fabric, plastic, etc.), such as those required by Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG)?: http://www.epa.gov/epawaste/conserve/tools/cpg/products/nonpaperoffice.h...


Responses are due by Monday, May 11, 2015 through commenting on this post or emailing FSSI.furniture@gsa.gov


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