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Did You Know: Common Question About Entity Registration Migration

As the modernization of beta.SAM.gov progresses, many users continue to send questions into the iaeoutreach@gsa.gov inbox. One of the most common inquiries is: “When an entity has an existing SAM.gov profile, will it automatically be added to the new SAM.gov when it is implemented?”

All existing entity registration data will be automatically migrated to the new site. You won't need to re-register your entity, but you will need to create a new user account for beta.SAM.gov. Once you create a new account, you can migrate any existing roles from legacy SAM. This will link your new account with your old one.

As we near transition, SAM.gov will have information posted informing users that the system will be retiring in the future. Once each system retires, users will be automatically redirect to beta.SAM.gov.

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