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Determination of Fair and Reasonable Prices When Using Federal Supply Schedule Contracts for Department of Defense (DOD)

DOD issued a new Deviation to FAR 8.404(d) effective March 13, 2014 . DOD contracting officers must now make a fair and reasonable price determination on any FSS orders IAW FAR 15.404-1. However, provided that there is adequate competition at the order level,  utilizing FAR 15.404-1(b)(2)(i) "...Normally, adequate price competition establishes a fair and reasonable price..." should help facilitate price analysis (depending on the circumstances). Since this is a brand new Deviation, we do not yet have any examples of best practices for determining fair and reasonable pricing on hourly rates themselves at the order level. We are hopeful this new requirement for DOD Contracting Officers will generally have a minimal effect on the usual streamlined procurement processes the FSS program enables. We are very interested in hearing how this new deviation is affecting DOD contracting officers and what they are doing to streamline compliance.



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