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From the Desk of the GSA Ombudsman

About the Ombudsman

At GSA, Mrs. Millisa Gary serves as both the agency Procurement Ombudsman as well as the Task & Delivery Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is a neutral and independent party who can help resolve conflicts between GSA and industry through informal means -- before they escalate further. Her office can serve as an impartial facilitator during difficult conversations with industry and help you translate the challenges GSA is experiencing into language that will resonate with industry. Discussions remain confidential at the request of either party.  


Why is the Ombudsman Necessary?  

GSA’s partnership with industry and the vendor community is one of the keys to our success as an acquisition organization. GSA strives to demonstrate that it offers the gold standard in terms of customer service and value. OPO was specifically established to foster healthy and productive relationships between GSA and its partners. OPO is charged with ensuring equitable treatment of all parties participating in GSA's acquisition and assistance (both pre-award and post-award) programs. OPO operates under the authority of the GSA Senior Procurement Executive, Chief Acquisition Officer, and FAR Subpart 16.505.  


OPO Standards of Practice are:

1)    Independence

2)    Neutrality

3)    Confidentiality


When should I contact the Ombudsman?

a)    If you’re unable to resolve an acquisition-related issue with a vendor, you may contact the Office of the Procurement Ombudsman (OPO) to facilitate a discussion or assist with a resolution. OPO has several tools available to de-conflict issues. You may request that conversations with the ombudsman remain anonymous.

b)    If you have a recommendation for improving acquisition processes or programs.

c)    If you have recommendations for a Reverse Industry Day (RIT) training event.  


What can the Ombudsman not do?

The Ombudsman is not authorized to overturn a decision made by the Contracting Officer (CO). However, the Ombudsman can discuss the decision with the CO in an attempt to foster reversal or change.  In addition, the Ombudsman cannot:

1)    Address internal human resource matters

2)    Address matters already in litigation or under formal dispute, protest or investigation

3)    Delay any statutory, regulatory, or other GSA deadlines

4)    Make decisions, legal or otherwise, for GSA

5)    Serve as a formal office of legal notice for GSA


Where is the OPO located?  

The Ombudsman is located within the GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy, Office of Acquisition Policy, 1800 F St NW, Washington DC.  


Visit the Ombudsman’s website at www.gsa.gov/ombudsman or contact the Ombudsman at GSAOmbudsman@gsa.gov   


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This type of event offers the Government and the Acquisition workforce an opportuniy to hear directly from industry.  Topics are relevant and tailored around the regions, terroritories, industry and issues, concerns and/or pain points they may have as they manuever around federal law, policy, acquisition, contracting and any other item

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