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Defense Health Agency (DHA) Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) J-4 Industry Outreach Event on 8 December 16

I want to send a hearty “Thank you!” to all of you who were able to attend the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) J-4 Industry Outreach as part of the recent meeting of an Alamo AFCEA Event (ACE) in conjunction with the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA). This event provided an excellent forum to for us to exchange ideas, hear from industry, and provide information on how we at the DHA Contracting Offices can provide more transparency with our acquisitions. The Outreach included a one hour presentation in the ball room, and an open exchange of ideas between industry and government that lasted over several hours on the 8th of December in San Antonio, TX. The event was attended by 53 vendors, mostly focused in the health information technology space, covering services, hardware, software, and cyber security. Industry, we heard you! Some of the recommendations coming out of our discussions included 1) providing forecasting of major procurements for IT services on GSA, to include what GSA contracting vehicle (GWAC or Schedule 70) would be used, 2) moving away from Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) towards Best Value with a Fixed Price Incentive Fee or Award Fee to ensure improved performance on those metrics that matter to the government, 3) addressing improved evaluation criteria and clearer mapping of requirements throughout the performance work statements, 4) having two industry days a year to include WEBCAM access to make it easier for more vendors to attend, 5) considering implementation of a DHA technical watch process (TechWatch) to increase innovation, and the use of the Defense Innovative Unit Experimental (DIUX) as a means to increase the speed innovation and prototyping opportunities, and 6) providing longer lead times to respond to Requests for Information (RFIs) with condensed responses regarding capabilities. On behalf of the DHA, we appreciate all the dialogue and will continue to reach out using the GSA Interact to blog to increase communication and the sharing of ideas. Look for our next posting to be the DHA Health Information Technology (HIT) forecasting for Q1/Q2. The other government attendees that helped with our Outreach included Ms. Jackie Pinkston, Chief of HIT Contracts Office, Mr. David Guillory, Small Business Representative and Contracting Officer for HIT, and Ms. Jennifer Auble, our GSA representative.

Best regards,

Barclay P. Butler, Ph.D., MBA

Component Acquisition Executive (J-4)

Defense Health Agency


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