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DC Cyber Week 2017


Save the Dates!  October 16-20, 2017 is  DC CyberWeek, which is a week-long festival that brings together cybersecurity experts, decision makers and leaders from the government and tech communities.  DC CyberWeek is a series of dozens of distributed events powered by the tech community and complemented by core conferences, parties and projects created by the festival organizer, CyberScoop.  DC CyberWeek is about big ideas and coming together to make an impact on the greater good of our connected world.


  • A week-long festival bringing together cybersecurity experts, decision makers and leaders from the tech community

  • Networking and learning at events of all sizes, hosted by the tech community throughout Washington, DC

  • CyberTalks, presented by CyberScoop on October 18, a day of TED-like talks for Cyber, including cybersecurity experts and thought leaders

  • A one-stop master calendar of all the cybersecurity community events happening throughout the city during the week-long festival

  • Kickoff and closing networking events hosted by CyberScoop

Visit Cyber Week DC for more information and registration details.

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