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Current and Upcoming Changes at beta.SAM.gov

As readers of this space are likely aware, we regularly make improvements and updates to all the IAE systems, including beta.SAM.gov.  In doing so, we always strive to make things easier and to reduce burden for our users.  In this blog post, we want to tell you about some improvements that we recently made to beta.SAM.gov and to alert you to some additional improvements coming in just a few short days in mid-January.  There is no action for users to take.  

Recent Changes (Already Implemented)

The 2020 Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is now available for download at beta.SAM.gov. To download it, go to the assistance listings page in the Learning Center and, at the bottom of the page under CFDA Print Editions, select the 2020 edition and select Download. The catalog is a PDF file.

In addition, we told you in November that system accounts now require annual renewal. In our latest update to beta.SAM.gov, we have added a convenient “Renew Account” link that appears when accounts are within 60 days of their renewal deadline. If you don’t have any changes to your system account, you can confirm the information as is. Or, you can make any needed changes and submit the new information. Either action will keep the account active for another 12 months. 

Finally, there are new All Agency Memoranda on the wage determinations alerts page. 


Upcoming Changes

In mid-January, IAE expects to release the following functionality in beta.SAM.gov:

  • Updates to the OpenGSA documentation for the entity management and exclusions APIs
  • Corrections to several discrepancies in the CSV output for the V1 entity management API 
  • An update to the V1 and V2 exclusions API that limits the emailId parameter to only allow the email address associated with the requesting API key—in other words, users can’t use the parameter to send data to someone else
  • Show controlled document requests from deactivated accounts as “cancelled” for opportunities administrators
  • Clean up unreadable help text in the send now window of contract data reports in the Data Bank

For a full list of the changes made in our latest release to beta.SAM.gov, please see the release notes. And, if you want to stay up to date with all future releases, you can sign up to receive notifications when release notes are posted. Just sign in to beta.SAM.gov, go to the release notes page, and select “Turn on Notifications.”


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