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Credentialing Service vendor, DXC Technology, operating under new name: Perspecta Inc.

As of June 1, our credentialing service vendor, DXC Technology, is operating under a new name: Perspecta Inc. The new name is the result of a combination of DXC Technology’s U.S. Public Sector business with Vencore and KeyPoint.

As a result of this name change, the USAccess Help Desk now has a new email address: usaccess.helpdesk@perspecta.com.

If your agency whitelists emails addresses, please add usaccess.helpdesk@perspecta.com to your list so role holders can receive emails from the USAccess help desk.

While the previous email address, usaccess.helpdesk@dxc.com, will continue to work for one year, role holders may notice that responses from the help desk are now from the usaccess.helpdesk@perspecta.com email address.

Please share this new email address with your role holders to ease the transition.


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