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Creating Government Cost Estimates on the Acquisition Gateway

Are you familiar with the Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) creation tool? Launch of the IGCE creation tool occurred in early 2018 on the Acquisition Gateway, and has quickly become a go-to tool for acquisition professionals, government-wide.

Why was the IGCE tool created? The tool was built to simplify the often frustrating process of creating a government estimate. Using a structured approach to building the estimate combined with easily imported labor rates from the CALC Tool is much easier that creating an Excel worksheet from scratch and then hunting around for data to fill it out. Take a minute to imagine no longer having to go to multiple websites to build out an IGCE. Talk about efficiencies!

So, how would you go about using the IGCE creation tool? First step, if you aren’t already signed up to use the Acquisition Gateway, you would need to create a new user account. This easy process is outlined on the homepage in this video. Once in the system, you would look for the IGCE tool under Tools in the Acquisition Gateway toolbar.

Once in the IGCE tool, you can select your Agency, Contracting Title and/or Project Title to create a header. And then, time to create your IGCE! This is where you can tap directly into CALC labor rates, as they are linked in the tool and updated regularly. (Many of you may already be taking advantage of the CALC tool, one of the most popular tools in the Acquisition Gateway for professional services.) For rates not in the CALC database, the tool also allows you to manually enter your own. Create your IGCE for direct labor and any ODCs, across the base period and any applicable option period.

What’s next? The Acquisition Gateway team is always looking for ways in which we can improve the IGCE tool. Some significant enhancements were recently deployed that improve upon the user experience.

  • In addition to using fully loaded labor rates from the CALC Tool, you can now easily build up your own labor rates by selectively adding indirect costs to base labor rate(s) you enter yourself.
  • You can now selectively add indirect rates to nonlabor items (e.g. travel, materials), including the addition of a Materials & Subcontract (M&S) rate.
  • All new capabilities are fully exportable into an Excel worksheet for further customization to match your specific procurement scenario.
  • And, a complete audit trail is downloadable for any CALC rates used in creating an estimate.

While this provides an introduction to what is possible in the IGCE tool, we hope that you take the next step in going to the Acquisition Gateway to explore its value in the market research process. If you have thoughts or suggestions regarding the IGCE tool, let us know! We’re also looking to hear feedback. Post your thoughts and suggestions in our Community App here.



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