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Coming Soon: The Agile Delivery Services Solicitation

Calling all Agile vendors...get ready!

By the end of this month, GSA will be releasing a Request for Quote (RFQ) for the alpha version of the Agile Delivery Services Blanket Purchase Agreement. The RFQ will be posted on GSA eBuy.

The process for engaging industry began with a Request for Information in January, followed by a pair of Industry Day events in February.

Now it's time to solicit the services of those vendors who want to be a part of the digital services transformation that’s taking place within the Federal government.

For those vendors with prior Federal bidding experience, you’ll find this RFQ unique in many ways. First, we’re going to evaluate you based on a submission of a working prototype. Second, you’ll need to write more code than narrative. Third, you’ll submit pricing for labor categories specifically written for the types of agile staff that 18F needs. And, last, you’ll have to be quick -- the required turnaround time to submit an RFQ response is (very) short.

We couldn’t be more excited about the weeks to come. The creation of this marketplace of Agile vendors will drive government technology forward in new and exciting ways.

We welcome and look forward to your responses!


Chris Cairns, Noah Kunin, and Dave Zvenyach 


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<p>Will the upcoming - highly anticipated RFP/Q provide for all business types/Pools - or will it initally be limited to SB?</p>
<p>Since this latest post indicates that the RFP/Q coming out is for the &quot;alpha&quot; version - is this only going to be for Small Business (ie Pools 1&amp;2) - or for unrestricted - all Business sizes (Pools 1, 2 &amp; 3)?</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
Since it is stated that this is the "alpha" version - is it only for Pool(s) 1&2 - ie only Small Business - or for all 3 Pools including all business sizes?
<p>Hi, I was wondering when the responses to those questions from the Q&amp;A session were going to be posted here.</p>
I was wondering when the responses to the questions mentioned here in the comments would be posted?
<p>When will the BPA be released?</p>
<p>There are some of us that are following this process with hopeful anticipation and interest from a policy perspective. &nbsp;If we aren&#39;t on the Schedule yet, so we don&#39;t have access to eBuy, will you also post the RFQ details here or somewhere else?</p><p>Thank you.&nbsp;</p>
Daniel J. Kim
<p>Thank you for your inquiry. We have posted the slides from Friday&#39;s conference and in the process of developing the responses to the questions. We hope to have our responses posted on Interact soon. Please join our Agile Services Delivery BPA Community at https://interact.gsa.gov/group/agile-services-delivery-bpa-community.&nbsp;&nbsp;Thank you. &nbsp;</p>
Mike Tock
<p><br type="_moz" />Since there was significant discussion during Friday&#39;s Q&amp;A, will you also post the recording and/or a transcript? And address all questions that were not answered during Friday&#39;s meeting? Thank you.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>