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Cloud Reverse Industry Training

It’s getting cloudy in here! GSA hosted its first government wide Reverse Industry Training event on June 28, 2018. Hosted by the Office of Procurement Ombudsman and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Implementation (FedRAMP), the event focused on Cloud adoption and migration, and was designed to help government work through the challenges and issues facing Cloud adoption. The event provided the federal workforce with an opportunity to address concerns faced by their agencies and grow a better understanding of adopting and transmitting to Cloud services.


The event featured Opening remarks by Joanne Collins-Smee, the FAS Deputy Commissioner, a Keynote Address from Allison Brigati, the GSA Deputy Administrator, and four sessions on the Cloud adoption and migration for federal agencies and agency-identified concerns about moving to the Cloud.


Session 1: Cloud Adoption: The Pitfall and Pro Tips

This session provided guidance in defining the terminology while discussing the main reasoning for moving to Cloud and what implications are deterring

(Link: https://youtu.be/WLxn8uRCsZ4)


Session 2: Your Agency is Moving to the Cloud But You Don’t Quite Know What   and How to Buy

This session allowed the audience to consider the acquisition strategy, understand what service provider and format one needs to support operations, plan out the process and piloting out services to understand what one needs.



Session 3: Case Study on Cloud Adoption and What Life in the Cloud Looks Like

In this session GSA and federal employees had the opportunity to learn from the commercial sector on a cloud adoption case study.

(Link: https://youtu.be/5kWgd81siLc)


Session 4: Cloud Management, Evolution, and What’s Next

In this session panelists addressed challenges coupled with solutions as we ask attendees what the future of cloud security and maturity looks like.



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