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Closing out for the night

So it's 7:04 PM and I still have small business on the brain.  We just did a brain storm to develop a webinar or video to really get projects out to small busienss.  We are pretty focused on our Veteran opportunities since it's the only goal we are just shy or exceeding.  We mapped out a plan and will pitch it next week to get buy-in.  We are hoping this will be just one more way small business feels we are advocating for them.  We know that in the end the customer needs to be happy and small business is our customer.  I'm going home and I'll be back tomorrow with new ideas and new plans to implement.  We are determined to get better and better at developing long lasting partnership and providing access to great opportunities with our agency.  Keep checking us out - as we develop information we will post it here first!blog image

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