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Closing out Fiscal Year 2011

As we wrap of the month of September to close our Fiscal Year 2011 we have made many accomplishments. The Associate Administrator, Jiyoung Park, sent our a letter to the OSBU's nationwide stating:

Congratulations to you and your teams for your outstanding work with small
businesses.  As of August 31st, together as an agency GSA has awarded $1.2
billion to small businesses of the $3 billion in eligible contracts, or 39%.
We have exceeded our goal of 27%.  As an agency we are also exceeding all
subcategory goals, except for the 3% service-disabled veteran owned small
business (SDVOSB) goal, which we will continue to focus on.  To date we have
awarded $63 million (2.12%) to SDVOSBs.
**Special congratulations to R1, R4, R5 and R10 for exceeding all their
goals in every category!
**Kudos to R1, R2, R4, R5, R6 and R10 for exceeding the 3% agency goal for

It takes quality companies to help us meet our goals.  The better our choices the easier it is for small business to win these opportunities.  So you have earned "Congratulations" also because you have worked hard to be competitive and win contracts.

Let's make FY 2012 a great time for partnering to meet agency goals.



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<p>That is good to hear!&nbsp;</p><p>Thanks for sharing the information and kudos to you for the work you are doing!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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