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Clarification Regarding Distribution of Nonactivated PIV Cards

The MSO recently provided revised guidance pertaining to applicants showing up at USAccess shared sites with non-activated PIV cards. These applicants are requesting that their credentials be activated at the shared site. While the MSO previously recommended against participating in this process, it has become apparent that many issuing agencies have adopted this practice; some agency customer’s even rely on this practice.


Currently, the MSO has customers on both sides of this issue (i.e., some would like their associates to carry non-activated cards to sites and some do not. Some sites are willing to activate hand carried cards and others are not.). We recommend Agency Leads continue to work together to ensure the site the applicant will be attending is willing to accommodate the individual. Any associated risks with this practice is on the agency distributing the non-activated card to the applicant and not on the agency or personnel operating the credentialing center. Email GSAMSO@gsa.gov with questions or concerns.


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