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Chat with Lisa! What incentives will motivate your firm to maintain superior levels of quality service at a reasonable price?

The Integrations business case continues to make its way through the Federal Acquisition Service approval process. It is currently with the FAS Controller who is considering all aspects of the business case including GSA's ability to recoup its costs.

In the meantime, I received several thoughtful suggestions for renaming Integrations. Thank you for participating. You may continue to submit new ideas as you think of them.

This week, I would like to move the conversation in a different direction. We are all operating in a unique and challenging economic environment. Most of you are also aware that the Office of Management and Budget is requiring agencies to reduce spending on management support services this fiscal year and in the immediate future. However, after taking these factors into account, our research shows that the opportunity is still considerable in this arena.

My question is this: What incentives will motivate your firm to maintain superior levels of quality service at a reasonable price? Given that GSA is anticipating moving into the cost-reimbursable realm with this potential acquisition (a decision that significantly expands the opportunity), is the opportunity enough to keep your firm motivated to meet very high standards of quality? If not, what non-monetary incentives might GSA consider when structuring the solicitation?


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Integrations Blogger
<p><font size="2">Thank you Ms. Godlove for responding to my follow-on questions. I like the innovation of your approach. &nbsp;Innovation and best-in-class are some of the objectives we are trying to achieve through the Integrations vehicle. Rest assured that we will seriously consider your recommendations as we proceed with our acquisition strategy. Please continue to be part of the conversation.</font></p>
Integrations Blogger
<p>Ms. Godlove - thank you so much for a balanced and thoughtful response to GSA&#39;s questions regarding superior quality and incentivizing outstanding performance. I am particularly intrigued by the section entitled Industry Recognition as it contains ideas we had not considered. Under what conditions would your firm expect to be given preference (either put on a preferred list or included in a select group)? Are there specific performance metrics and standards that you believe you should be expected to achieve? How do you envision that the preference would work in real terms under fair opportunity? &nbsp;What form do you envision for the industry award? Please continue to give us the benefit of your, clearly significant, experience in the days ahead. It is much appreciated.</p>
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