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Chat with Lisa! Update on the Business Case and Questions for Industry -- We Want to Hear from You!

Good morning and welcome back to the Integrations blog! 

Today’s update on the business case:  The Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner requested a full briefing on the business case early next week.  Mr. Kempf hopes to make a decision whether to proceed, prior to the end of the calendar year. 

The blog topic this week deals with the potential for on-site/off-site and security clearance (requirements above typical HSPD-12) pricing alternatives.  Our customers will require full pricing flexibility when acquiring complex, integrated professional services with an IT component.

My questions are:

Is there a more efficient means to propose the differential as a result of these variables than to collect defined labor rates for each situation?

How does industry typically propose these rates?

Is a coefficient to the base rate an effective means for this purpose?

If so, what is a range of the typical coefficients for each circumstance?

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