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Chat with Lisa! Status of the Integrations Business Case

Welcome back to the Integrations weekly blog!

Status of the business case:  The business case continues to be considered by senior leadership within the Federal Acquisition Service.

Blog Topic:  

Today, I want to discuss the scope of this acquisition vehicle.  During our analysis, the following professional service disciplines were identified as most often required when acquiring complex, integrated professional service requirements with an Information Technology component:

Program Management and Consulting services;

Financial services;

Logistics services;

and Professional Engineering services.

In addition to requiring total solutions made up of the identified disciplines, our customers told us that their agency mission drives the specialized capabilities required of industry.  For example, the Department of Health and Human Services' requirements most often contain a healthcare and scientific focus and they are interested in firms who have excelled in this arena in the past.  The requirement itself may contain one, two or all of the four disciplines identified above.  

As such, GSA is considering various mission-related categories in which proposing firms would identify their core industry expertise.  My question to you is this:

What do you believe are the predominant core industry categories that relate to missions throughout Federal government?

As a reminder, should you not want to post a public comment, you may submit your input to our new email box integrated.services@gsa.gov.



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