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Changes That Happened to CPARS.gov

Earlier this year the data from PPIRS.gov was merged into CPARS.gov, making CPARS.gov the official system for past performance information. Since then we’ve been working to enhance the user functionality and experience. Recently, CPARS.gov had significant software and site improvements that included adding new features to modernize the system. With each software release, we work to improve the user experience, improve the quality of the website, and reduce the burden for those wishing to do business with the federal government.


Check out just a few of the latest modernization features added to the system:

  • Left side navigation
  • Pending actions-to-do list
  • Pending user access requests - Pending Request
  • Section for important information/news on home screen
  • New icons - home, print, save


Returning users will also notice that there have been some naming changes in the options.


Old Name

New Name

Submit Suggestion


CPAR Status Report

Evaluation/Contracts Status Reports

Enter a FAPIIS Record

Initiate a FAPIIS Record

Modify a FAPIIS Record

Edit a FAPIIS Record


For more detailed information on modernization updates to CPARS.gov, view our latest video


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