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Changes from CPARS/PPIRS Merger


In July 2018, a major system enhancement was deployed to merge the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) and the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS), formerly separate eGovernment applications, into one application.

Key to the merge is single sign-on -- one location and one account to perform all performance evaluation functionality. Federal users with a Common Access Card (CAC) or a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card or a contractor with a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate, will log in using the Accept/Login with PKI button. Federal users who don’t use PKI/PIV or a contractor who doesn’t have a PKI certificate will log in using your email address and a password.


All CPARS/PPIRS users will need their email address to log in to the system and will be required to reset their password using the Forgot/Reset Password button located on the login screen. To help prevent unauthorized access, a one-time access code is needed when using a password to log in.  


Once you have logged in, you will see the main menu, grouped by functionality. Nothing about your previously existing permissions has changed. You will only have access to items on the Main Menu based on the access role(s) you have previously been granted. For example, the majority of permissions for users who are writing and editing performance evaluations is located under the Generate Performance Records column.  


If you need to change any of your profile information or password, the Update Profile button is now located on the Main Menu.


For more details on this CPARS/PPIRS merge, you can view a video here. For any issues logging in, please contact the CPARS/PPIRS Desk at WEBPTSMH@navy.mil.


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