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Celebrating 10,000 Acquisition Gateway Users! Invite Colleagues to Join

Today, the Acquisition Gateway community has grown to 10,000 strong. We at GSA appreciate everyone who has been involved in making the site grow like it has. By signing up, you are uniting with federal government buyers from currently 81 agencies to act as one acquisition community and buy like a single enterprise.


The more acquisition pros that join, the more powerful this collaboration tool – and the buying enterprise – become. It is not the sheer number of users that makes the Gateway so strong, but rather the contributions its users are making through sharing expertise, best-practice samples and templates, and in many cases the content and data that the growing community relies on for smart decision-making at each step of the acquisition lifecycle.


We’re celebrating our 10,000 users milestone by launching a new feature that allows you to invite your colleagues to join from the Community page: Send an Invite. Simply enter an email address and personalize your message. The system will let you know if your colleague already has an Acquisition Gateway account. Go ahead … give it a try today!


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  The Acquisition Gateway is a resource hub for acquisition professionals and government buying offices across agencies to share information and best... More

Build the Gateway With Us! We're looking for your input & discussion as we post future feature concepts and designs to our Interact community. Email hallways_contribute@gsa.gov to set up a one-on-one feedback session, and check back often for polls and new sets of questions form our product team.

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