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Cataloging Services

We recently introduced you to the Catalog Management initiative, one of the four cornerstone projects of  GSA’s Federal Marketplace Strategy. Catalog Management is a concept that is often associated with products, but GSA is also looking at services in our long term solution. While the first focus of the Catalog Management project is Multiple Award Schedule commercial off-the-shelf products, GSA is simultaneously conducting research on service cataloging. 

Today, services are ”cataloged” inconsistently  across varying contract types, with no standard data taxonomy. This creates redundant services listings, varied definitions, and a lack of clarity for customers seeking services offered through GSA. We want to create a solution that optimizes a customer’s experience, reduces the need for Requests for Information (RFI), and better showcases the capabilities of GSA contracts and suppliers alike. We are excited to begin building a solution with our stakeholders in mind. As such, we will be soliciting feedback from suppliers on our concepts for a service catalog. 

This fiscal year, we are focused on selecting a catalog model for services. More details about the timeline for services research and implementation can be found below.


If you are a GSA services supplier, be on the lookout for Interact posts, industry days, and other updates about how you can get involved and provide feedback on the service catalog effort as part of Catalog Management project. 



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