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A Brief Update and Thank You

I’m pleased to provide an update on progress to date for the Commercial Platforms initiative. We’ll continue to provide regular updates in this Interact community - thank you for being a part of it.


Right around the time of the Industry Day event in December, GSA and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a Request for Information (RFI) soliciting information from portal providers and suppliers. These program documents delved into our thinking for an  initial proof of concept that we’re exploring, and reflected the feedback heard to date around the commercial practices for e-commerce portals. It was great to receive a significant level of feedback from various stakeholders, both in response to the draft program documents, with over 200 pages of comments submitted, and the active engagement we saw at the Industry Day event.


Key themes emerged from this feedback, centered around the below topics:

- Keep it simple. GSA should not be asking for more than what is currently required under the micro-purchase threshold (MPT) of $10,000.

- Data protection ambiguity. Both portal providers and suppliers expressed concern and diverging views around the data protection language contained in Section 838 of the FY19 NDAA.

- Pricing will need to be competitive and an improvement over existing purchasing channels, and refunds to GSA do not reflect commercial practice.

- Competition. GSA should not limit the proof of concept to just the e-marketplace model and should ensure competition across the various models, with both portal providers and suppliers.

- Category concerns. Health and IT products have unique supply chain requirements, and warrant special consideration.

As I look across all the feedback received, the truly dynamic and complex nature of the e-commerce landscape is evident. These comments and recommendations help to inform our efforts, as GSA and OMB works towards submittal of the Phase II report to Congress, in March 2019. Stay tuned to the Commercial Platforms Interact group to learn more about the report upon release, as well as next steps on the major milestones in this initiative.


Thank you again for the ongoing engagement and collaboration regarding the Commercial Platforms initiative. The insights and recommendations shared are critical to the development of this program.




Laura Stanton

Deputy Assistant Commissioner, FAS ITC Category Management



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Overview briefing of the Commercial Platforms initiative


Implementation Plan and Policy Assessment -
Phase I Deliverable to Congress (March 2018)


Market Research and Consultation

Phase II Deliverable to Congress (April 2019)


Directing Legislation:

Section 846 legislation (directing language)

Section 838 (amendment to Section 846)


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