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BMO introduces GSA Category Management

Hello Industry Partners,

You may have seen the phrase “Category Management” popping up all over the GSA community, and wondered what does it really mean when it comes to business?

Category management is a business model and conceptual framework that changes how we think about, conduct, and manage acquisitions across government. It allows the federal acquisition workforce to buy smarter and faster - more like a single business.  And it takes advantage of our greatest assets: acquisition data, purchasing information, and, most importantly, the accumulated experience and knowledge of our staff.  Best of all, GSA’s new Acquisition Gateway makes this vital information accessible to you online.

The Gateway is the hub of an acquisition professional’s daily activities, with category hallways home for all content housed within the Gateway. Strategic sourcing solutions and other purchasing vehicles are separated into individual hallways where you can see and shop the various options. The hallways are also filled with information including actual prices paid data and expert articles. Best practices, decision support tools, and templates make it easier to find existing contracts and acquisition solutions and systems, reducing duplication.   

Among the tools on the Hallway are the Solutions Finder, eBuy Open and the Prices Paid Portal (P3). The Solutions Finder is a great market research tool that, helps you compare government-wide (not just GSA!) solutions by product and service category.

eBuy Open lets you quickly search open, closed, and canceled eBuy Requests for Quotes (RFQs) from FY 2014 forward, showing which agencies are requesting what products and services from GSA Schedules. The Prices Paid Portal has been “replatformed” for enhanced data visualization. P3 includes the current data sets (OS2, GSA Advantage!, FSS-19, and NITCP), as well as information from Army CHESS. Also be sure to check out the TechFAR Hub and Statement of Work Library.

Government acquisition news and events are also posted here, and there are many communities organized by topic with discussions you can follow and join.

Please note that only government users have access to the Gateway at this time. Vendor access will be added shortly.

Sign up now and become a registered user of this exciting new community. Click here to join the Acquisition Gateway through OMB Max today.


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