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Blog | GSA opens solicitation for additional managed print services

GSA opens solicitation for additional managed print services

DEADLINE EXTENDED! The RFQ response due date for FA I, III and IV has been extended to March 28, 5 p.m. Eastern.

The U.S. General Services Administration has released its solicitation to secure print management service providers under the Functional Areas III and IV of its Federal Strategic Sourcing Print Management Program. These two new blanket purchase agreements (BPAs), which will be available under Schedule 36, Office Imaging and Document Solutions; will mark the second phase of GSA’s Print Management Program. These BPAs will offer additional, streamlined options for federal agency customers to use when procuring managed print services for their organization.

Once these contracts are awarded later this year, federal agencies will be able to move a step further with achieving a comprehensive print management approach. The new BPAs will help agencies increase the value of each dollar spent by enabling them to make smarter business decisions about owning imaging equipment and managing their operation.
Managed Print Services (MPS) Function Area (FA) III and IV vendors will manage existing government devices and/or coordinate with existing service providers for device leases currently in place. They will allow participating agencies to select a single vendor to manage their fleet of multiple vendor devices. These vendors also will be required to coordinate maintenance, toner replacement, cost management and data collection.

Opening managed print services to small business
Certified small businesses can compete for these new, strategic sourcing GSA contracts. Although FA IV has a set-aside strictly for small business, both BPAs are open to these designated vendors, with the primary difference being  FA III is for the management of ALL imaging devices, whether they are designed with a copier-based engine or printer-based engine, while FA IV is restricted solely to management of devices with a printer-based engine.

Ensuring contractors adhere to sustainable business practices
Contractors selected for these contracts also will be required to document their internal efforts to incorporate sustainable business practices. These practices must include toner cartridge and toner packaging recycling services to be provided to the agency end-user at no charge; and contractors must offer sustainable toner when available for the product line. There are additional, optional qualifiers, which apply to the vendor’s own workplace, that will classify a contractor as an “Optional Sustainable Managed Print Services Provider”. In order to achieve this designation, the business may qualify by completing a verified, comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions inventory; and/or by submitting evidence that 30% of utilities are from renewable power generation sources and 20% of all company-wide purchases qualify as re-manufactured or bio-based products.

In addition, MPS Functional Area I, Fleet Assessment, also has been re-opened to competition. Functional Area II, New Procurement, is being assessed and may be re-opened for competition in March 2013. An RFI for this has been issued soliciting input on planned changes to the vehicle. These three RFQs and RFI on now posted for GSA contractors at www.ebuy.gsa.gov. The documents are publicly available at www.fedbizopps.gov, under notice number GSAR613FSSI_Program: http://go.usa.gov/4ygA

The Federal Strategic Sourcing Print Management Program is a national commodity management approach that allows federal agencies to achieve cost savings by leveraging the federal government’s buying power and reduce their environmental impact through a holistic acquisition approach. In September 2011, the first two BPAs were established to cover new imaging procurements and vendor-neutral, project-based imaging fleet assessments.

Additional information about the Federal Strategic Souring Print Management Program can be found at www.strategicsourcing.gov/pcmfd or call GSA toll-free at 1 (855) 714-1225.


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