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Beta.SAM.gov Features and Functions: Search

The GSA has released beta.SAM.gov with a better way to search for data. 


In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2017, GSA made beta.SAM.gov available online for users to test.  The key feature in the initial release is a modern search tool, which allows users to search for available options within all federal award domains: assistance listings, contract opportunities, contract data, entity information, federal hierarchy and wage determinations. 


Key functionality and public data from the original 10 websites will migrate gradually into beta.SAM.gov, one by one. The data in beta.SAM.gov is the exact information found currently in the original websites. The new search filters divide the information into award domains, making it easier to locate. Each award domain is associated with one or more of the original websites.

Assistance Listings → CFDA.gov

Contract Opportunities → FBO.gov

Contract Data → FPDS.gov

Federal Hierarchy → New

Entity Information → SAM.gov

Wage Determinations → WDOL.gov


The data in beta.SAM.gov is publicly available and, therefore, does not require special permissions or login credentials to access.


Search Functionality:

  • Users can search by keyword(s) across all domains at once or narrow the results by searching only one of the domains.
  • Search results include only publicly available information.  Additional data will be available for those granted more privileges by system administrators.
  • Award data filtering ensures more consistent results. Domain specific filters are available, such as filtering by Entity ID and service codes (NAICS, PSC).
  • New search filters will enable users to select the agency, award domain, and active or inactive status, for targeted searches, which the original sites do not provide.
  • The search bar’s autofill tool simplifies how users search.

Search results are prioritized to provide the most relevant results first. If one knows specific details like a keyword, CAGE code, or DUNS number, include that in the search to narrow down the results.  This enhanced functionality was designed to provide better search results in less time.


Find the latest information about new features and functionality at beta.SAM.gov. For additional questions, please contact IAEOutreach@gsa.gov.


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