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Back from Los Angeles Air Force Base: Acquisition Forum and Industry Day

Hello and Happy Sunday,

I am still on a "cloud of elation" as we successfully completed the first (and certainly not the last) Acquisition Forum and Industry Day held 17-18 June at LAAFB.  For the attendees, I hope that it was insightful, entertaining and informative.  I have to admit, I was a little exhausted, working as emcee, presenter, and helping to lend a hand to my wonderful colleagues in adjusting to last minute changes and various machinations occurring during the "11th hour." 

During the first day, our Acquisition Forum consisted of presentations by Casey Kelley, Jim Ghiloni and me.  Kudos to Casey and Jim for their outstanding presentations.  Casey was assisted by Richard Blake and Omar Saeb.  Jim also did an exemplary job presenting not only an overview, but personally conducting DPA training in the afternoon to CORs and Contracting Officers on the Base.  Both Jim and Casey are truly subject matter experts on Alliant and OASIS.  I was honored to have them at this event.  Thanks, guys!

I gave a presentation on interagency contracting, which consisted of discussing the generic aspects of this feature, then defining differences between direct order/acquisitions and assisted acquisitions; then addressing the value proposition of the Pacific Rim's Assisted Acquisition Services and Acquisition Operations Divisions.  It also afforded me an opportunity to discuss our shift to a customer-centric, holistic and integrative approach, which was initiated by our Regional Commissioner, Linda Allen, and referred to as the Acquisition (or "A") team construct.  I was very happy to receive a few questions; but it was an excellent moment when a member of the audience credited AAS with the tremendous support he had been given in fulfilling his mission-related requirements.  Great job, Sheri.   

The second day entailed a combined Government-Industry Panel, and at first, I thought that a 3-hour panel would be a tad protracted with people shifting uncomfortably in their seats, or quickly heading to the nearest exit.  I say this jokingly.  The panel consisted of Linda Allen, my Regional Commissioner, Kim Brown, Regional Commissioner of the Great Lakes Region (Region 5), and Robert Clarke (Deputy PEO of the Space and Missle Command, USAF); for industry, we had Susan Bethke from Northrup Grumman, Sharlene D'Angelo representing CSC, and Jeffrey Chesko from ASRC Federal.  I posed prepared questions and fielded questions from the audience to the panel, who answered them articulately with expertise and aplomb.  3 hours transpired very quickly.  My thanks to Linda, Kim, Rob, Susan, Sharlene and Jeff for their outstanding support of this endeavor. 

Although I left to return to SF in the afternoon, I heard that the industry matchmaking portion of the program, as well as presentations by PTAC and SBA turned out really well. 

My thanks to the planning committee, consisting of Jackie Sullo, DeniseRose Torres, Michele Tobin, Sheri Torres, Andrew Pham, Jen Krook, Charles Lee, Pamela Smith-Cressel and Anthony Caruso.  In addition, I felt a great partnership had been concretized through working with John Baldonado, Will Strozier and their staffs. 

As we have gotten great feedback and traction from this event, we are now headed to San Diego on August 18th, for a training/industry day focused on the County of San Diego.  We're gaining momentum and focusing on how to "excite and delight" our customers! 

More later....



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