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Attention Small Businesses! We Need Your Feedback on a Small Business Set-Aside

The JanSan team is making considerable progress in the development of the new JanSan strategic sourcing solution.  Currently, we think the best way to maximize small business opportunity and competition is to divide the program up into multiple pools.  Within each pool, we’ll then evaluate the idea of setting aside one or more awards to socio-economic concerns.  We are considering pools around the following broad areas: 

  • Cleaning Compounds & Dispensers

  • Non Motorized Cleaning Equipment & Waste Collection

  • Paper Products & Related Dispensers

  • Motorized Floor Cleaning Equipment

  • Motorized Laundry Cleaning Equipment


We envision the combination of pools and set asides to be a tool to  allow agencies good opportunities to maintain or increase dollars going to small businesses.  

To meet this objective, the JanSan team is looking for its solution to provide a result with adequate numbers of small businesses with breadth and depth of offerings. We believe this approach affords the opportunity for the broadest participation by small businesses within the industry and offer a solution to facilitate agencies' ability to comply with their small business goal initiatives.  


The team looks forward to reading your feedback on this concept. In addition, you can send your feedback to fssi.jansan@gsa.gov.


GSA’s JanSan Team


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