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Attention Industry! Check out the newest addition to GSA Interact: Integrations Industry Community

The Integrations Industry Community will serve as a platform for collaboration and communication between industry stakeholders and the Integrations team in the development of a next generation contract vehicle for complex, integrated Professional Services with an Information Technology (IT) component. Additionally, by creating an Interact account, you will be able to “chat” with Lisa Maguire, the Program Executive, and offer feedback about various Integrations-related topics.  Check out her first blog post and share your ideas as the Integrations team searches for a NEW name to launch this acquisition vehicle! Setting up an account is free and easy.  Don’t wait.  Join today. We want to hear from you!  


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Integrations Blogger
<p>Integrations will be designed to complement, not replace, existing GSA offerings, including the MAS program. &nbsp;Integrations will not be a continuously open solicitation.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Will the Integrations initiative replace current schedules (e.g., MOBIS)? If so, will it remain open as the professional schedules are now?</p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Pat</p>
Welcome to the One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services Community; a forum to connect GSA’s industry partners and the federal acquisition... More

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