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ASTRO Scoring

The Consultants May Be Misleading You!!!

Predictions of minimum scores on ASTRO are FAKE NEWS!!!

Hello ASTRO Community!

Practically every day (and often multiple times per day), the ASTRO team hears something along the lines of “We heard that we need to score XXX number of points or we shouldn’t even bother proposing on ASTRO.”


Well folks, the ASTRO team is making this special announcement to all potential Offerors:


If any so-called “expert” or consultant tries to tell you how the scoring on ASTRO will turn out, you need to run quickly and hide your checkbooks!  We constantly get feedback about consultants out there suggesting you need this point level or that point level to win on ASTRO... It's all hogwash!  Nobody, and I repeat... NOBODY knows what scoring will look like on ASTRO.  Heck, we don’t even know and we invented this process! 


What we hear a lot is people trying to draw comparisons to the original OASIS scoring and in our opinion, that's a terrible comparison to make.  ASTRO will be much harder to score high on than OASIS due to the scope limitations of relevant experience projects, individual Pool scorecards, functional factors, etc.  While we don’t know how everything will turn out, we fully anticipate lower scoring on ASTRO than OASIS and significantly lower scoring in some Pools as a percentage of the total maximum points. 


As this proposal process is relatively cheap in that it only consists of gathering data and submitting it electronically, I strongly recommend that companies with core competencies that align to the ASTRO Pools throw their hat in the ring.  My personal philosophy is that I would have a much easier time living with myself for throwing my hat in the ring and losing than not throwing my hat in the ring only to find out later that I would have won! 


So tune out the rumors and speculation and throw your hat in the ring to be a part of a very special contract program!


Stay tuned for a series of blogs here on Interact providing further updates to the draft solicitation; scoring; questions and answers; and a host of other things! 

Please have a great ASTRO Day!!!

Todd and Team

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When “...the hat is thrown in the ring” for an opportunity, we do so with the intent of providing a solution for the customer and working as a team member. If unsuccessful will we learn why, so we can adjust accordingly and provide a more competitive solution for the customer? TIA, David.
Will, Thank you for the update and clarification. Will any updates to the draft solicitation be released to capture changes to the scoring matrix or other? V/r, Craig Zeigler Business Development Manager Avion Solutions, Inc. 4905 Research Dr. NW, Huntsville AL 35805 (O) 256.327.7105 Craig.Zeigler@avionsolutions.com Http://www.AvionSolutions.com
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