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ASTRO Due Diligence is fully booked.

As expected, the slots for our ASTRO Industry Due Diligence sessions filled up quickly.  At this point, we have closed the registration page.  However, that does not necessarily mean that it is impossible to still schedule a meeting.  As we have stated before, the ASTRO team is open to meeting via telecom or in person anytime with any company prior to the release of the formal solicitation.                                                           

In response to some questions we’ve received, I’d like to talk about what the ASTRO Team is looking for in these sessions and/or subsequent meetings.  I will start with what we do not want.  Please do not use meeting time for:

  • Corporate Capabilities briefings
  • Descriptions of your company’s past experience and qualifications

Instead, we want your honest review of the draft RFPs.   The purpose of meeting with us is to provide a forum for you to share your thoughts, ideas, and/or suggestions on our process, content of the solicitation, our communication strategy, etc. Are the requirements clearly written?  Where could we improve?  What did you like about our approach?  What would you do differently?  What was unclear?  While we want to hear your opinions about these issues, we are most interested in the rationale or the “why” behind any recommendations you might have.  The Due Diligence sessions and any other meetings with the team at this point are meant to tee up a dialog where you can openly share your thoughts on the ASTRO Program.  In discussions with many Industry representatives over the years, I’ve often found great value in hearing their opinions outside the formal Q&A process. 


To request a meeting with the ASTRO team please contact ASTRO@gsa.gov 


Thank you all for your continued participation in this process and have a great ASTRO day!!!

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Will, Is there an ETA or general time frame of when the RFP will come out or is it still TBD?
Will Fortier
It's appropriate to leave it as TBD for now. The team will need time to absorb due diligence feedback and work toward finalizing the solicitation.
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