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Air Force Switches from 8(a) Contractor to GSA Schedules

Recently, an incumbent contractor contested the 2008 decision of the United States Air Force to procure credit reports using GSA Schedules rather than continue its past practice of sole sourcing the requirement under SBA's 8(a) program. The Plaintiff's challenge failed in the United States Court of Federal Claims (CoFC). The CoFC's decision supports the conclusion that the Air Force made a smart decision when it moved to a Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) Schedule contractor after previously using an 8(a) contractor. Why was the move so smart? It turns out that the FABS price was almost 50% less than what the agency had been paying!

The recent ruling is much more accurate compared to previous audits where the MAS price was compared to a theoretical price an agency could have had on a particular requirement. Instead, this ruling compares what an agency actually paid when using a Schedule solution to what it actually paid when using a different contract vehicle for the same requirement. Due to the switch to FABS, the Air Force was able to increase its savings tremendously.

To learn more about the benefits of GSA MAS Schedules go to www.gsa.gov/schedules.

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