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Agencies Do better with Small Business Goals on MAS

The GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) program provides agencies with great flexibility to meet and exceed Federal small business spending goals. The Small Business Act sets a goal for each Federal agency to allocate at least 23% of contracting dollars to small businesses.  Many agencies go even further and set internal goals higher than the Small Business Act requirements, including GSA with a FY 2012 goal of 30% small business utilization.  Despite the fact that Federal regulations and internal agency policies mandate the use of Small Business contractors, many agencies struggle to meet these goals through traditional contracting means.  The GSA MAS program provides a streamlined solution that helps agencies meet their small business utilization requirements and helps small businesses succeed!

The below chart shows that agencies using the MAS program in FY 2011 generally met and exceeded their small business spending goals.

 Chart of Large Vs. Small Business Obligations in Percentages Under Schedules for

By making acquisition from small businesses seamless and easy, the GSA MAS program helps many Federal agencies reach their small business contracting goals.  Many agencies have met and exceeded their 23% small business utilization goal with the help of the Schedules program.  All but two of the twenty-eight agencies utilizing the schedules program met the 23% small business utilization goal for Fiscal Year 2011.  In fact, twenty-two of the twenty-eight exceeded well over 30% small business utilization through the program.   Of the twenty-eight agencies, six allocated over half of their spending to small businesses through the MAS vehicle, with some agencies utilizing small businesses as much as 65%.  As evidenced by last year’s spending, the MAS program provides a platform that allows agencies to meet and exceed their small business contracting goals.
This kind of success is not an accident. Rather as a result of agencies employing a number of tools available to them to even further their utilization of small business through the MAS program; such tools include the ability to set-aside task and delivery orders, encouraging the use of Contractor Teaming Arrangements (CTAs), or making small business considerations an evaluation factor for award.

To learn more information  how to utilize these tools under the MAS program to achieve small business contracting success visit our small business utilization page at http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/202261 as well as participate in our numerous acquisition workforce training opportunities at http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/202261


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