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Advantage Changes Related to Minimum Order Quantities


To improve customer experience associated with Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ), we’ve updated the way GSA Advantage notifies customers when their orders don’t meet MOQ requirements. Now, a customer putting an item below the applicable MOQ into their shopping cart will see a note saying: “The items from [VENDOR NAME] fall below the contract Minimum Order of $ [MINIMUM VALUE].  In order to purchase this item, you have three options:

1. Increase the quantity of the item.

2. Shop for additional items under [CONTRACT NUMBER] to satisfy the contract minimum. (Contains a hyperlink to show available items from the relevant contract)

3. Investigate if another vendor offers the item with a lower contract minimum order (Contains a hyperlink to the original product detail page). Note that MOQ is sortable (e.g. lowest to highest MOQ).”

If you have any questions about the new MOQ changes, please contact Joel Lundy at joel.lundy@gsa.gov.

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