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Access to HUBZone: New Locations, Certifications, and Opportunities

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After much planning and waiting for some opportunities to populate in the forecast we are ready to present our newest training class “Access to HUBZone: New Locations, Certifications, and Opportunities”. 

This session will discuss the changes to HUBZone locations, new opportunities currently available for HUBZones with GSA and how to get certified if you are in a qualifying area.

Joining us on December 19th is Mariana Pardo, SBA’s Director of HUBZone Programs and she will be available to answer important questions you have as well.

Please join us for the last OSBU session of 2013 as we prepare to improve small business opportunities in FY 2014 .

As always, our virtual events are free so Register today! https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/920939066           

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<p>Does GSA or SBA maintain a viewable and searchable list of HUBZone companies?</p>
Is this training available online or in a PowerPoint version?
<p>Can I get a copy of this training presentation? &nbsp;I am meeting with the Army Deputy Assistant Secretary for Procurement, Harry Hallock. &nbsp;HUBZone is the only small business goal that the Army did not meet in FY13.</p>
<p>Looking forward to this webinar.</p>
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