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30-Day Challenge to Close Out Orders and Return Funds

Happy Monday - Part of the importance of effective project management within the milieu of Federal contracting consists of proper funds management.  This includes timely (or even streamlining) close out of orders/contracts and return of funds to our clients. 

When new leadership came on board, we endeavored to make this a priority.  We had a "wave"/30-challenge back in October 2012, which resulted in almost all old orders being closed out and millions of dollars returned to clients. 

Our efforts have not abated in this regard.  During June 2013, I challenged the AAS team to make close outs and return of funds a priority for the Portfolio. 

I am happy to report that we closed out close to 30 orders and returned more than $3.7 million to our clients. 

My thanks for those wonderful and dedicated individuals in financial management, the Acquisition Operations Division, and the AAS project managers in the Region 9 Pacific Rim Region.

We now have only 8 orders which we need to close out and this requires a commensurate challenge to our contractors and industry partners.  In order to effectuate a timely contract close out and do what's best for the client and for the taxpayers, will you help us and expedite the closing out of orders?  Please focus your resources, expedite the documentation, coordinate and communicate with us....all these actions will help move us nearer to the end zone and closing out these orders.   

Let's work together to assist our clients and do what's best for the taxpayers. 




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