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2017 Top 10 Accomplishments for GSA’s Professional Services and Human Capital Categories

2017 Top 10 Accomplishments for GSA’s Professional Services and Human Capital Categories

It’s been another great year for GSA’s Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories (PSHC). In no particular order, here are highlights of our team’s work:

SmartPay 3. In August, GSA announced that Citibank, N.A. and U.S. Bank were awarded contracts for GSA SmartPay®3, the next generation of the largest government charge card and payment solutions program in the world. The GSA SmartPay 3 contracts will facilitate a potential $700 billion in charge card and related payment transactions for the government over their total period of performance (through the year 2031, assuming all extension options are exercised). The GSA SmartPay 3 program includes: purchase, travel, fleet, and integrated charge card services and related payment solutions which are expected to be used by approximately 560 customer agencies and organizations. Since the GSA SmartPay program began in 1998, customer agencies have earned more than $3 billion in refunds. In Fiscal Year 2017 alone, $298 million in net refunds were earned.​

Steps to Performance Based Acquisition Digital Tool. We officially launched a beta version of Steps to Performance-Based Acquisition (SPBA) a new digital application that presents the performance-based acquisition process in easy-to-follow steps, complete with samples and examples, templates and other resources. Geared to the greater acquisition community (including program offices) and designed to make PBA more collaborative, performance-oriented, and team focused, the SPBA app breaks down performance - based service acquisition into eight steps: the first seven covering acquisition planning through performance management and a new eighth step for contract closeout. SPBA is intended to make the subject of PBA accessible for all and shifts the paradigm to collaborative performance-oriented teamwork with a focus on program performance and improvement. The application also provides a foundation for several potential spin-off tools in the future such as a work statement builder, technical evaluation tool, and guides/references, while also moving toward integration with existing Acquisition Gateway tools such as the Project Center, Solutions Finder, Document Library, and Contract Awarded Labor Categories (CALC) Tool. Note: SPBA is available on the federal or public side of the Acquisition Gateway. To access click on link; select federal and log in using OMB Max and you will be routed to the application OR select public and you will be routed to the application.

Civilian Contract Audit Services Ordering Guide. A Civilian Contract Audit Services Working Group, made up of representatives from more than 13 federal agencies and co-led by GSA and the FAA, released a Civilian Contract Audit Services Ordering Guide. The Ordering Guidesets forth best practices for issuing task orders against the GSA Multiple Award Schedules for professional services to fill agencies’ contract audit requirements. The ordering guide is the result of a cross-agency collaboration to explore options to help civilian agencies efficiently and effectively meeting their contract audit requirements. This approach aligns with one of the contract reduction and cost avoidance goal of category management. The guide supports the Professional Services Category initiative identified as a critical component to meeting current and future contract audit requirements, and ultimately reducing the opportunity for contract duplication.

Redefining Identity Protection Services SIN. With the increased demand for identity protection services and the evolving needs of our customer agencies, we redefined Special Item Number (SIN) 520-20 as our official Data Breach Response and Identity Protection Services (IPS) SIN on the Professional Services Schedule (PSS). Redefining the SIN allows industry to provide current state-of-the-art identity protection services (identity monitoring and notification of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI), identity theft insurance and identity restoration services, and protection (safeguard) of the confidentiality of PII and PHI). For federal agencies, the revised SIN 520-20 offers a total solution for IPS and allows the ordering office to tailor their scope for only specific types of services found under this SIN.  

OASIS and HCaTs Designated Best-in-Class. OASIS and OASIS Small Business and HCaTS and HCaTS Small Business were designated "Best-in-Class” vehicles. Best-in-Class (BIC) is a contracting and acquisition designation used across government to denote contracts that meet rigorous category management performance criteria as defined by the Category Management Leadership Council, which is chaired by the Office of Management and Budget and includes representatives from the seven biggest buying agencies. The BIC designation recognizes these contracts as “good-for-government” purchasing solutions available to all agencies. In addition to the BIC designations, this year we formally stood up an Assisted Acquisition Service (AAS) program to provide a range of advisory and consulting services to support federal agencies. While the AAS program supports all customers, it has a special partnership with OPM to provide a total acquisition solution to customers who wish to use assisted acquisition services to place orders under HCaTS. The team has awarded several projects to include graduate professional military education programs, human resource transformational projects, and formalized coaching and leadership programs.   

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Commit to OASIS. The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) securing CMS’s use of GSA’s One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) and OASIS Small Business (SB) contracts for procurement of complex professional services. OASIS serves as a first-of-its kind contract that provides the government with maximum flexibility at the task order level. This ensures clients can access the right mix of suppliers and solutions to meet their professional service needs. Click here for a list of all the MOUs we hold with our federal customers.

PSHC Symposium & SmartPay Training Forum. In June, we hosted GSA’s first-ever Professional Services and Human Capital (PSHC) Categories Symposium. 600 Tacoma, Washington, the event attracted 600 participants. Held in Tacoma, Washington, the three-day event offered training targeted to the regional federal contracting and management community. 600 participants took part in sessions that included an Industry Workshop, Program Management Reviews, and a Customer Forum.  The event was designed to give GSA’s contracting officers an opportunity to proactively engage with industry partners with the goal of developing long-term, collaborative partnerships that deliver the professional services federal agencies need to fulfill their mission. All PSHC Symposium presentations can be found on Interact. A 2018 Symposium is being planned - stay tuned for details. We also hosted the annual GSA SmartPay® Training Forum August 1-3, in Phoenix, Arizona. More than 2,000 agency card managers attended and hundreds of training classes were offered.  

Acquisition Gateway Spotlights. As part of ongoing efforts to share best practices across the acquisition workforce, we hosted a series of Acquisition Gateway Spotlights throughout the year. Spotlights draw attention to one topic area through expert articles, templates and resources, blogs on the Professional Services hallway (must be logged in to access) and presentations given by expert(s) in the field. These webinars are open to the federal acquisition workforce and also recorded and shared on the Acquisition Gateway. 2017 Spotlights focused on: Organizational Conflict of Interest, Procurement Strategy Boards and Solicitation Review Boards, Reverse Industry Days and Performance Based Acquisition. Look for more of these in 2018. Topic and speaker suggestions are always welcome.

Industry Partner Briefings. In July, we kicked of a new webinar series as part of our ongoing efforts to foster a more collaborative relationship with industry. The monthly Industry Partner Briefings address a wide range of professional services and human capital related topics that can have impact our vendor community. Topics have included: Transactional Data Reporting - What it means & Why is it important to you?, How to Write a Quality Offer & What to Expect After Submission, Identity Protections Services​! Requirements for Offer/SIN Submission, and Everything You Need to Know About the the Governmentwide Professional Services Category: FY18 Initiatives, Priorities and Measures.

SmartPay App. Being on official travel in an unfamiliar city is stressful enough without the added burden of trying to find a gas station when you’re already running on fumes. With location based service offerings including gas stations, restaurants, hotels and more, the inaugural GSA SmartPay Travel Card App takes the worries out of official government travel. It also stores Agency/Organization Program Coordinator information, making it easier than ever for travelers to report any issues that occur with their cards while on the road. The Travel Card App also contains tax exemption information, so travelers will know when their business lodging and rental car costs are exempt from state sales tax and if there any forms that must be filled out.

Thanks to the PSHC team, the federal acquisition community, and our industry partners for a successful and collaborative year!




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