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​Watch Experts Discuss Acquisition Topics & Foster Engagement on the Can We Talk? Series

The Can We Talk? Series is a collaborative effort between GSA’s Ombudsman’s Office and the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) to provide training on hot-topic acquisition issues to both government and industry stakeholders. The series features expert panelists discussing the most important issues facing the federal acquisition community. The Can We Talk? series is moderated by the GSA Ombudsman to promote knowledge-sharing and increased dialogue between government and industry. This month’s topic is “Information Disclosure During the Acquisition Process”.
Many contracting officers and industry representatives have questions about the type of information required and the timeframe for which the information can and should be released during the acquisition process. We know that releasing certain information too soon can compromise the integrity of the process, potentially creating an unfair and competitive advantage for some vendors. However, releasing critical information too late in the process can render it useless, and have a negative impact on the volume and quality of offers, and subsequent acquisition outcome.
This month’s session features experts from both government and industry talking about information sharing and disclosure during each of the major stages of the acquisition process:
  • Planning
  • Pre-award
  • Award
The session will examine a number of myths and questions around information disclosure while preserving the integrity of the process and ensuring that industry has a clear understanding of the government’s requirement. This understanding will place industry in a better position to submit a quality proposal. The 45-60 minute seminar (divided into 3 modules) will also identify best practices around information disclosure and key takeaways for government and industry practitioners. Individuals will have the opportunity to earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs).

The Acquisition Seminar will be available for registration through the Federal Acquisition Institute Training Application System (FAITAS). Search for FCL-A-0033 ("Information Disclosure AS"). Once registered, you will have access to the seminar.

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