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DHA Industry Exchange

DHA's Industry Day is confirmed for November 16-17, 2017, at the La Cantera Resort in San Antonio, TX in conjunction with the Alamo AFCEA Chapter Event (ACE) scheduled for the first part of the week, November 13-16. On November 16th, we will have a representative from the DHA Joint Directorates (JDIRs) to brief its forecasted requirements during the afternoon on 16 November session of the DHA Industry Day (1230 – 1730). The DHA Component Acquisition Executive and Head of Contracting Activity, J-4, along with the JDIRs, will allocate the number of time slots to each JDIR based on their FY18 Forecasts. On the morning of November 17th, we will hold a more detailed Q&A session with vendors from 0800 to 1130 to go over major requirements of interest. The morning session encompasses four different spaces to accommodate PMs, technical leads and contracting personnel (and other Government Representatives as needed), and vendors. Each JDIR will provide representation to cover the majority of their requirements during the morning round table discussions. We will be providing more topic information on the DHA reverse industry afternoon exchange in the near future. AFCEA and DHA Industry Exchange registration can be found at:
https://alamoace.site-ym.com/page/DHAindustryexchange .

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CAFE: An Exciting Evolution from the Cloud ConFIG Initiative

The Cloud Contract Fostering Innovation in Government (Cloud ConFIG) effort provided us with a tremendous amount of information and shared insights, but was ultimately not the right option at the right time due to evolving market conditions.  As a result, the Cloud Acquisition for Federal Enterprise (CAFE) initiative, a solutions focused effort, evolved from Cloud ConFIG. GSA’s CAFE effort is moving forward to become the best cloud solutions for the government.

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Get The Most Out Of Social Media

Social media is a great resource to use when trying to expand your business ventures. Your brand reaches a much wider audience when you successfully use social media outlets.

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Information You Can Use

On occasion, OSBU comes across classes and information that we think you can use as a company doing business with GSA. Below are two upcoming events that we hope you find useful.

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Success By The Numbers

Now that FY16 has come to a close, the

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