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Reverse Industry Training (RIT) Schedule

1) CLOUD RIT: 28 June 2018 - Washington, DC

SESSION #1: Cloud Adoption: The Pitfalls and Pro Tips

Learn about misconceptions, common pitfalls, best practices, and emerging trends to consider when planning and implementing an enterprise strategy to move to the cloud.  Hear from experts on the decisions to weigh as government accelerates cloud migration activities.  Topics will include a discussion on public, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, application architecture considerations as a part of migration, the current landscape of platform/container as a service (PaaS/CaaS) offerings, how to ensure security in the cloud and attain an Authority to Operate, and the skills required to build a cloud ready workforce.

Dan Tucker, Vice President Digital Solutions, Booz Allen Hamilton (Moderator)

Karina Homme, Senior Director, Microsoft Azure Government

Don McGarry, Chief Technology Officer, Ardent MC

Lewis Shepherd, Senior Director of National Technology Strategy, VMware


SESSION #2: Your Agency is Moving to The Cloud But You Don't Quite Know What and How to Buy

As agencies develop and execute on overall cloud adoption strategies, translating those technical strategies into acquisition strategies often results in confusion between industry and government throughout the acquisition process.  With options in cloud computing environments (private, public, community, hybrid), different types of cloud offerings (Infrastructure, Platform, and Software-as-a-Service), and different categories of vendors each providing complementary services (cloud services providers, migration services providers, private cloud IT operations, private cloud building, brokering and managing cloud services, and cloud-based application development), clarity in solicitations is key to communication with industry.  For these as-a-service offerings, there are also important legal and budget planning considerations.  Industry experts will share their interpretation of the typical requirements seen in solicitations and provide suggestions to agencies for future solicitations.

Joe Cloyd, Director of National Security Solutions, Northrop Grumman Corp (Moderator)

Shannon Silverstein, DHS Portfolio & Special Programs Manager, CGSI (Cloudera Government Solutions Inc.)

Jonathan Alboum, Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector, Veritas Technologies LLC

Jay Hajeer, President/CEO, PSI (Practical Solutions, Inc)


SESSION #3: Case Study on Cloud Adoption and What Life in the Cloud Looks Like

In this session GSA and federal employees will have the opportunity to learn from commercial and public sector case studies. We will discuss the process and walkthrough the end to end implementation cycle, identify the gaps and managing the metrics and ROI.

Todd Schroeder, Vice President, Government Digital Strategy, Salesforce

SESSION #4: Cloud Management Evolution and What’s Next?

This moderated session will focus on what comes next after a successful cloud implementation. Panel members will discuss challenges to expect  and best practices for operating in the new environment, with an emphasis on hybrid cloud management, ongoing data management, security/compliance and cost controls. The audience will learn about the importance of DevOps practices, Agile methodologies, and popular tools and technologies to adopt. The session will conclude with strategies and next steps to enhance the cloud adoption journey and a sneak peek at up-and-coming technologies that will play an increasingly important role in the cloud evolution.

Moses Merchant, Sr. Principal, Cloud Adoption Strategy, Agilious (Moderator)

Dan Prieto, Strategic Executive, Google Cloud, Public Sector, Google

Adam Clater, Chief Architect, Red Hat


Vikas Sharma, Cloud Solutions Director, Sevatec, Inc.


2) PHYSICAL ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM (PACS) RIT: 17 September 2018 - Washington, DC

3) REGION 7 FAS RIT: 23 October 2018 - Fort Worth, Texas

4) REGION 5 PBS RIT: 07 November 2018 - Chicago, IL


This event offers the Government and the Acquisition workforce an opportuniy to hear directly from industry.  Topics are relevant and tailored around the regions, terroritories, industry and issues, concerns and/or pain points they may have as they manuever around federal law, policy, acquisition, contracting and any other item